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Subject: Jonathan Pendley
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2002 10:06:18 EDT

Ran across something while doing Gravitt family research.  It was new to me.  
In 1832 the State of GA required a special Census be taken of the Cherokee 
strip, to identify those people living there and primarily to identify those 
of mixed blood and minor children of mixed blood, whereby these people could 
make application for money, caused by the forced relocation of the Cherokees. 
This Census of Forsyth Co., GA listed the following Pendleys:

Jonathan Pendley, b. 1765, age 69
James Pendley
Levi Pendley
Nimord Pendley (Nimrod)
Thomas Pendley
William Pendley
A researcher noted that Jonathan and Thomas moved to a section of Cherokee 
Co., later to becom Pickens Co., GA

1845 Tax Rolls, Forsyth Co
Pendley, John R  R 000 01, No Twp listed, age 31
Pendley, Jonathan  R 000 01, No Twp listed, age 79
Pendley, Nimrod R 000 03, No Twp listed Moved to Baldwin Co, m. Celia Craft
Pendley, Jonathan    R 000 07, No Twp listed
Pendley, William      R 000 08, No Twp listed

Lem Pendley


Penda the Pagan
Royal sacrifice and a Mercian king

 By:   Alby Stone

(This is our possible link or connection, to Anglo-Saxon Nobility, according to the Hemel Hempstead Gazette)

     Penda, a seventh-century king of Mercia, was a noted regicide. Indeed, his other achievements - his military campaigns and a crafty and unlikely alliance with the British king Cadwallon were instrumental in carving out Mercia as an independent kingdom and establishing it as a power to be reckoned with - were almost completely overshadowed by his reputation as a slayer of kings. As Penda was a pagan, and his alleged victims all Christian, it comes as no surprise to find that medieval chroniclers, mostly monks or Christian nobles, viewed his reign and deeds with horror and denigrated him at every opportunity. The reputation of his ally Cadwallon, himself a Christian, suffered by association: in his Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum, written in the early eighth century, Bede of Jarrow describes him as 'a barbarian more savage than any pagan' with 'no respect for the newly established religion of Christ' [1]. Bede's invective was not tempered by the fact that Cadwallon was a Celt

At the Winweg was avenged the slaughter of Anna, The slaughter of the kings Sigbert and Egric, The slaughter of the kings Oswald and Edwin.


From the Hemel Hempstead Gazette United Kingdom



My name is Joe Pendley and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am interested in learning about my family origins. I have become aware of the ancient village of Pendley. Could you tell me about Pendley? I know the hotel/manor was constructed on the site.

Is there any one person that might be an authority on Pendley?


Pendley Manor in the 1920s
THE likely origin of the name Pendley may go back to Saxon times and a nobleman of that time - Penda of Mercia.
Saxon burials have been found in the nearby Tring area - some only this year during the construction of a new road.
By Norman times Pendley was a Manor in its own right and is mentioned in the Domesday book.
It was given by William the Conqueror to his half brother Robert Count of Mortain.
It became a small village with eight largeish dwellings and eight crofts.
It was described as offering work for more than 13 ploughs, some handicrafy men, tailors, shoemakers and others.
It appears, however, that in 1440 the then Lord of the Manor of Pendley, one Sir Robert Whittingham, fell out with his tenants sacked the village and cleared the land. He then built a manor house on it.
After the Whittinghams the manor came into the hands of the Verney family and several generations lived there - Sir Edmund Verney was standard bearer to King Charles ll.
By the early 18th century, the manor had come into the hands of a Colonel Anderson who went to live in France.
The Manor fell into disrepair and is believed to have burned down in the 1830s.

Pendley in the late 1940s
The present manor was built in the late 1870s, designed to look a Tudor manor house for the Williams family.
After the Second World war - when the manor was used by the Women's land Army - Dorian Williams helped turn Pendley into an adult education centre and began the first of the outdoor Shakespeare festivals which are still prestigious annual events each summer to this day.
Dorian Williams was a prominent British television commentator on show jumpingToday the Manor is a popular hotel and leisure complex.

Link to Sir Robert Whittingham's Demise



Cousin Joyce Comer from Burkes or Wilkes County, North Carolina, tells us that the William Pendley listed below and the one who many believe to be the first Pendley on this side of the "big pond", died around 1649-50, and  "probably from a beating he received with a cat-of-nine tales because of running his mouth about a government official".         

(Can't remember who said William came from Corn.)wall    

William Pendley, came from Cornwall, England in the 1600s.   I've also read that, the Pendleys may have come from Pendle Hill, located in northwest England, or Pendley, a village northwest of London, which was listed in the Domesday Book (1088) (thank you Brian).  The Pendley Manor Hotel, Tring, UK, is located on the site of the ancient Village of Pendley. (No one named Pendley ever lived in the Manor House.)  My guess is we came from the Village of Pendley.

About this Pendley Coat of Arms

Don't waste your money on internet companys selling Coats of Arms, Family Crests or Heraldry concerning the ancient family of Pendley.  It's all bogus.  The bases of the Pendley Coat of Arm shown below probably goes back to Sir Robert Whittingham.  He's the fellow that ran off the villagers of Pendley Manor in the 1440s.

I like the idea of having a family coat of arms or crest,  but it's not official in anyway. (Anyone can purchase a coat of arms but "real" heraldry comes from the King or Queen and can only be inherited by the First Sons of First Sons.  

 I call this one the Pendley USA Coat of Arms. (Green is my favorite color. Go Herd!!!) 

(The above coat of arms comes from Vince Pendley of Virginai.  Vince also has provide an old Pendley motto:  "Vincit, Veritas, Unum" which is Latin for Strength, Truth, and Unity.  Thanks Vince for this Information.  

(To my limited knowledge, anyone may use these image of a Pendley Coat of Arms.  If you have a website, please insert a link back to

      There are many rules about heraldry (coats of arms).  If you are interested in this subject, I'll include some links below.  

     To my knowledge, there is no official Pendley Family coat of arms.   I've seen this basic form on the internet attributed to Pendley.   There may be individual Pendleys or Pendley Familys, that have, or use, this coat of arms, but not a single coat of arms for all Pendleys.


      My guess is that our ancestors were once residents of the ancient village of Pendley and scattered when Sir Robert Wythingham, destroyed the village and built his manor house.  The village of Pendley was given to William the Conqueror's half brother Robert, Count of Mortoin.

agreat.jpg (33779 bytes)

Alfred The Great

haroldrex.jpg (37656 bytes)

King Harold II

William the (Bastard) Conqueror

The Ancient Village of Pendley in the Doomsday Book 1086

The Description in the Domesday Book is as follows:

"In Pendley the Count [of Mortain] holds 2 hides himself. Land for 2 Ploughs. 1 villager with 6 smallholders have 1 plough; another possible. Meadow for 1˝ ploughs. Value 30s; when acquired20s; before 1066, 40s. The nun Edeva held this land from Engelric; she could not grant it. These 2 hides are of the 7 hides which the Count of Mortain took in Tring."

American Revolution

In 1834, John Pendley, son of Joshua, petitioned the government for a pension as a veteran of the American Revolutionary War.  He was awarded a pension of twenty dollars a year.

American Civil War

Does anyone have information about Pendleys in the Civil War?  I've read that a Pendley was killed at Chickamaga.

Other Wars

Sam Pendley, of the Georgia line, his father received the Silver Star during WWII.  Sam was probably the first Pendley on the Internet with his Pendleys and Allied Family site..

Page 1


THE MANOR OF PENDLEY (Tring, Hertfordshire, England)

In the time of William the Conqueror, Pendley Manor was held by Earl Moreton, by virtue of a grant from the Crown, and is thus recorded in Domesday Survey. The Earl himself holds two hides in PENTLAI. In King Edward’s time it was worth forty shillings. Eddeva nun, held this land of Ingelric: she could not give it away.

According to Sir Henry Chauncy, who quotes the Court Rolls of the Manor for his authority, this Manor was held of the Honor of Berkhamsted, from the 10th year of the reign of King Edward the Second to the 24th of King Edward the Third.

John delaHay, Knight Lord of Pendley, in time of King Edward the Third, his daughter Alice married Robert Whitynham in the year 1419.

NOTE: The above is a small quote from a long account of the Manor of Pendley, by courtesy of Mr. Taylor Pendley of Dallas, TX

While no person named Pendley is mentioned in this account, it does show clearly that the name is an old one, and spelled exactly as it is today. The variation of PENTLAI is earlier still.

We can be almost certain that Pendley was Anglo Saxon and that the people by this name came from England.

I do not know who founded this family in America. It could have been William Pendley from Wales who settled in Virginia, or it could have been Jonathan Pendley who came from England in 1700.

The first authetic records were found in North Farnham Parish,Richmond County, Virginia:

Thomas,son of Willam and Mary Penly, born July 8, 1709

Mary , daughter of William and Mary Penly, born 1712

Thomas, son of Thomas and Sarah Penley, born July 6, 1732

Joshua, son of Thomas and Sarah Penley, born 1736

Marg. Pendley died 1749

This appears to be three generation, William and Mary who had son Thomas; Thomas who married Sarah and had sons Thomas and Joshua. I am at times inclined to think that all the Pendleys stemmed from this William and Mary, but do not have enough evidence at this time to prove it.

We next picked the name up in Morgan District, Burke, North Carolina in census of 1790

William Penly Sr.

2 males, 16 years and up

3 males under 16 and 3 females

Page 2

Same location


3 males 16 and up

1 female


1 male 16 and up

3 males under 16

4 females

Page 109 - same location


1 male 16 and up

1 male under 16

1 female

The name COGLE also appears in the records of North Carolina.

Rutherford, Burke County, North Carolina

No will of any Pendley recorded there. Two grantor deeds of James Penland recorded 1803. Though the name Penland does not seem to fit into this record, it could hace been the sames as James Penly who left North Carolina between 1804 and 1810.

1800 census of North Carolina - Vol 1, Burke County, page 196

PENLEY, JOSHUA, age between 26 and 45

p.197 PENDLEY NANCY, age between 26 and 45

She was probably the widow of one of the men in 1790.

1810 Census of North CaroliNA

p. 210 WILLIAM PENLY, age between 26 and 45

P. 211 JOSHUA PENLY, age between 26 and 45

p. 211 JOHN PENLY, age between 26 and 45

1820 Census of North Carolina, Vol. V

P.28 PENLEY, JOHN, 45 years and over

PENLEY, CHRISTIAN, age between 26 and 45

p. 25 PENDLEY, ISAAC, age 45 and over

p. 27 PENLEY, JOSHUA, age 45 and over

PENLEY, WILLIAM, age between 26 and 45